Researchers Raise Questions Around AI Recommending Cure for Heart Diseases

According to Jama Network, researchers discovered that when examined by cardiology professionals educated in preventive care, a popular online AI model delivered mainly adequate answers to fundamental queries about CVD prevention. Interactive AI has the potential to improve healthcare procedures by addressing patients’ commonly asked questions regarding CVD prevention and enhancing patient education. Such technology […]

Exploring The Ethics of Ai-Generated Research: The Impact on Scientific Publishing and Medical Knowledge

According to a recent article published in the Jama Network, the quantity and sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to assist authors in enhancing the quality of their article drafts and final publications is fast increasing. Strategies for improving one’s own writing, grammar, language, references, statistics, and reporting standards are among them. AI-assisted tools are […]

Study Shows New Insights into Treating Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease International estimated that in 2020, more than 55 million people worldwide were living with Alzheimer’s. It is anticipated that this number will nearly double every 20 years, reaching 78 million in 2030 and 139 million in 2050. In 2021, the WHO Global Status Report stated that the yearly global cost of dementia was […]

A Technicality Could Keep RSV Shots from Kids in Need

After more than five decades of trying, the drug industry is on the verge of providing effective immunizations against the respiratory syncytial virus, which has put an estimated 90,000 U.S. infants and small children in the hospital since the start of October. But only one of the shots is designed to be given to babies, and a […]

Why Two States Remain Holdouts on Distracted Driving Laws

Max Herrick pulled over on the interstate near Harrisonville, Missouri, on a spring night in 2020 to offer antifreeze to a woman whose car had overheated. He had lost a grandson to an overdose just hours before, but aiding stranded motorists was second nature to the 73-year-old retired school custodian, who remembered thousands of students’ […]

This New Treatment Could Stop Resistant Prostate Cancer Cases in Their Tracks

Researchers have discovered for the first time that prostate cancer can be eradicated by targeting a single enzyme called PI5P4Kα. The discoveries, which were just published in Science Advances, could help combat the growing threat of treatment resistance in prostate cancer and lead to better treatments for other cancers, such as those affecting the breast, […]

This Vaccine Is Touted as A “Game Changer” In Fight Against Opioid Crisis

Researchers claim to have created a vaccination that can prevent fentanyl’s side effects, calling it a “game-changer” in the fight against opiate addiction. In a statement released by the University of Houston, researchers say that the “breakthrough discovery” inhibits the medication’s capacity to enter the brain, hence reducing the “high” caused by the drug. The principal […]

Meet The Texas Women Filling the Gaps in the State’s Borderlands

When Claudia Salazar and her family moved to San Elizario, Texas, a small city in El Paso County, they landed in a colonia — informal, low-income housing commonly found in rural areas along the United States-Mexico border. Their house was small but sufficient for her four children, and it soon seemed like home. But the […]

Montana Lawmakers Seek More Information About Governor’s HEART Fund

A fund championed by Gov. Greg Gianforte to fill gaps in Montana’s substance use and behavioral health treatment programs has spent $5.2 million since last year as the state waits for an additional $19 million in federal funding. Now, the Republican governor wants to put more state money into the Healing and Ending Addiction Through Recovery […]

As Pandemic-Era Medicaid Provisions Lapse, Millions Approach a Coverage Cliff

States are preparing to remove millions of people from Medicaid as protections put in place early in the covid-19 pandemic expire. The upheaval, which begins in April, will put millions of low-income Americans at risk of losing health coverage, threatening their access to care and potentially exposing them to large medical bills. It will also […]