Metformin Targets Boost Cardiometabolic Health: Study

The intricate relationship between type 2 diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular ailments has been a focal point of medical research. In this context, the influence of diabetes treatments on heart and metabolic health is gaining prominence. Among these treatments, metformin stands out. Consumed by a staggering 150 million individuals every year, this drug has carved a […]

Buying Testosterone on the Internet May Not Be Safe: Study

With more American men turning to testosterone therapy to increase energy, build muscle, and treat erectile dysfunction, it’s no surprise that web-based merchants are vying for market share at the expense of doctors and pharmacies. But are online sales of testosterone safe? No, cautions a new investigation.¬†As per US News, following anonymous testing of seven […]

Weight Loss Drug for Adults Shows Results in Teens

Teens who are dealing with obesity may soon get access to a weight-loss medication that has been approved for adults. As reported by US News. In a recent clinical experiment, young people who received the medication Wegovy (semaglutide) were able to lose an average of 14.7% of their initial body weight. More over 40% of […]